Monday, June 11, 2012

Notes on a revolution

So, this year is going fast. What the heck, year?

In my post-before-last, I mentioned a 2012 revolution. Well, there's some progress and some stumbles. Here are the wins:

1. Get more fit and healthy! I did a running program that culminated in a 10K. That is farther than I have ever run before, and it felt really good. Then humidity set in, and I haven't really been too psyched to run around outside. I might do some swimming. I have been keeping at the fitness, though, and going to the gym on the regular. Just without much organization. Fling a weight around here, bust a groove in a Zumba class there...

2. Make progress on COFFEE!!! I gave myself to the end of the year to create a business plan for my dream job...roaster of coffee, master barista, etc. In a total coincidence, a friend let me in on the fact that a coffeeshop/roaster in town was interested in selling. Which of course set in motion a scramble to try and figure out how I could buy it. The jury is still out on this particular possibility, but just the process has been very instructive and I am still so so so excited about all of the scenarios bouncing around my head. Yay!

And the not-so-wins:

1. Be styling. You know those people who just are (or seem) effortlessly stylish? We all have those friends who just have the cutest stuff, the coolest wardrobes, the best haircuts, etc. I am not one of those people. I secretly suspect that hardly anyone is, and that those who appear so actually spend hours and hours (years?) cultivating their "look," that even though they have a great eye for style, it is an effort. I want to have a look. One that I feel comfortable with, that says ME! I have failed at this so far this year. I did get a January, and then immediately decided I wanted to grow my hair out. I need help. Phooey.

I think...there might have been more to my revolution? Because these goals feel both really big and sorta puny at the same time. Oh well, this is what I remember. And what I have been ahem, obsessing about for the last few months. Anyway, here are some pictures!

Here are some of my beautiful!

A while back I lay down in the grass at the park down the street

And watched these clouds roll got very dark. 


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  2. Referring to #1 on your "not-so-wins" list. YOU are one of those people for me! I've always been so envious of your style! Every time i see you i want whatever you are wearing!
    You're one of my biggest idol's!