Friday, December 13, 2013

Frost, Harvest, Freeze...gardening in December

Living in the coastal southeast, our gardening windows are a little different. We go big in the spring to make sure things grow and get eaten before the heat (and bugs) of summer kick in, and we have a long and somewhat leisurely fall/winter growing season that we plant and hope that it doesn't get too cold before the harvest. So here it is, mid-December, and we're pulling in lots of gorgeous broccoli, kale, collards and cabbage with the occasional carrot or two in there as well. We've had a few frosts, but overall it's been pretty mild, so we're counting on at least a few more weeks to be able to get yummy greens out of the garden.


We are trying out a few new things in the garden this season, we met a "garlic guy" this fall so we're trying a few out, here are the tops peeking up through their covering of straw. We also planted parsnips, which are growing well but haven't produced any big roots yet, so we'll see...they're on the right in the photo below.


Broccoli may be my favorite garden veggie. I can always find something to do with it, and the chickens and rabbits love the leaves.


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