Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When Boys Bake

Husband Chris made these fantastic feta-tomato scones a little while back. Before I knew it, he had them popped in the oven, out and deliciously fragrant and warm!

Chris is my total opposite in the kitchen - I make a lot of fuss and mess, leaving ingredients out and little piles everywhere. Cleaning takes place after the meal (if there's still time and energy). Chris tidies up behind himself. Everything gets put away in an orderly fashion, and by the time the food is ready, generally the kitchen is clean. I've tried to adopt his style, with varying success.

However, this time around, although all of the ingredients got put back in their proper places, some were left, ahem, behind...

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  1. Reminds me of how we'd always know if you guys had stayed at our place while we were out of town. there'd be remnants from Amanda's cooking in our kitchen (or a trail of cracker/chip crumbs around her spot on the couch), haha! Sometimes if we were lucky there'd also be leftover yummies for us to consume too! Mmmm, coconut chocolate chip muffins....