Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nesting in a New City

Days after signing the lease on this li'l beauty

We have been in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina for ten whole days now. We've cleaned, mopped, sanded, stained and painted a bunch of things, and the good news is everyone still has all ten fingers!

Yup - all ten!

But what do you do when you move to a new town? Well, in our case, we check out all the grocery stores. We have Food Lion (most bikeable), Lowe's (sent us nice coupons), and Harris Teeter (most likely to have things like marcona almonds and a yummy olive bar). I am sure we'll frequent them all, because who wants to be able to remember where anything is in their "regular" grocery store, ha!

We've been to the beach and to the park, we've biked downtown and strolled the Riverwalk. It all seems very vacation-y so far, with a healthy side of hard labor thrown in for good measure. We've met some of our neighbors (yay!) and some of the local police (less yay!). We have a neighborhood cat! And also maybe an alligator. We've had dinner dates with new friends and precious alone time, just the two of us, on our very small couch.

This is Romeo. He is not our cat. But apparently he once lived in our house.

So we're getting settled in...

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  1. Romeo is definitely Baxter's east side brother :) Let's start planning a time for me to come vacation with you too!!