Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A day in pictures

Last Friday I had the afternoon free to wander about, so I took my trusty Canon G11 for a spin around town. I hit the road on my trusty, squeaky bicycle, the Open Road…

After cruising around the neighborhood for a bit, I stopped into The Ivy Cottage, a local consignment/antique store to see if there was anything I couldn’t turn down. I’m usually pretty good at talking myself out of buying things, then wishing for the next month that I had it (clothes, furniture, half-gallon jars of Nutella). But I spied these silver candleholders in the “half-off the half-off sale” room and they were only six bucks for the pair – score!

I will be leaving them tarnished not because I'm lazy, but because they are pretty that way.

The Ivy Cottage has three buildings in a row, and one has these beautiful colored glass displays. It makes me want to take the whole thing home. And hold my breath, for fear that I will somehow manage to send all those shelves tumbling to the ground.

So pretty - think I like the blue best.

That evening, Chris and I rode to the Downtown Sundown festival, a free summertime concert series held on the riverwalk. We saw this guy on the way:

His house had the street roped off in front with a sign that said, “Please don’t park here – we’re moving.” I wonder if he knew, and was just sitting there taking in all of his neighborhood comings and goings, one last time.

At the riverfront, we found a bench to sit on while waiting for the music to begin. And were tortured by the smell of fresh funnel cakes. Mmm. We listened to the opening act, but were hungry for dinner before the main band came on, so we missed ‘em. But we headed up to the Eat Spot, one of our favorite restaurants in town so far. They have a delicious panzanella salad we get every time. I’m gonna have to replicate it someday soon.

Looking way less sweaty than we actually were...
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  1. Glad you finally found your silver candlestick holders. They are lovely!