Friday, November 18, 2011

Reason No. 4,274 I love Bicycles

Rabbit / Lapin
Hey there cutie!                                                                      Photo by Duloup via Flickr

I was riding along a road that I use on a regular basis to transit Wilmington - one that is a low-traffic alternative to an important city thoroughfare, when by whatever small coincidence, I looked down to my right, and down in a rather deep ditch on the side of the road, sat a bunny. It was pretty small, very cute and furry, and it was looking right at me. We had eye contact for a good second, which elicited in me an unadulterated feeling of glee. Call it a moment of mutual surprise, call it a human-animal underneath-it-all-we-are-all-the-same realization, call me someone who lived in northern California just long enough for its woo woo to wear off on me, whatever. I smiled. The bunny sat. I went along on my way, as, I'm sure, did it.

But for that moment and a good while longer, I was really happy. Which happens more often than not when I'm off on two wheels, and I think it has something to do with speed. In my case, the lack thereof. This is not news to any of my family or friends, but I'm slow. I amble, I mosey, I drive like a granny. It's not a trait that is appreciated these days. Everything everywhere gets faster all the time, whether it's the interwebs and all of the associated devices, the inclination to elect politicians and then un-elect them, or food. Even dating. Seriously. I thought speed dating was something that was made up by comedy writers until I heard a real live person mention it the other day.

All of the speed gets me kind of dizzy, actually. So I think I choose slow activities to counter it. I do yoga on a pretty regular basis, and I ride a bike for a lot of errands and bopping around town.
I embrace my slow, so to speak. I think it's a good thing, as it allows for contemplation, can sometimes still count as a workout, and I get to see bunnies. Win-win.


  1. Are you sure the woo woo first rubbed off on you in California or the farm you grew up on in good ole Fauguier county? I know you don't remember a lot of your childhood, but I would bet my life on the latter;-}

  2. Do you have any contact information for Tom and Kathi, the new owners of the Liberte? It left it's mooring (it's safe), but needs their attention. My phone is ++507.6381.8425.