Friday, December 9, 2011

My favorite snack

So I have this (annoying, I'm sure) tendency to think most things that I don't already like are not that great. Surely they can't be, if I haven't already tried and loved them. It's weird, I know. It extends beyond food, but we're talking snacks here.

This is the best. Popcorn + Nutritional Yeast = Deliciousness. Hot sauce and butter are optional, but also good. I'm pretty sure I was skeptical of it at first, when my formerly vegan buddy made me try it (thanks Bree!). Soon, I was literally licking the popcorn bowl. I cannot eat enough popcorn when it is graced with the little yellow flaky yeast. What the heck is this Nutritional yeast stuff? Honestly, I still don't really know, but it kicks up the flavor on popcorn, potatoes and all kinds of other food, and it's healthy! B vitamins give you energy, right? So this is my official high-energy afternoon snack. Yum.
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  1. Just make sure you don't eat a shitload of nutritional yeast on popcorn too late at night or you won't be able to get to sleep ;)