Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello 2012. I guess it's nice to meet you.

Wow, I'm really glad my New Year's Resolutions didn't involve posting to my blog everyday, because that would already be a giant fail. Unlike years in the past, though, I did make resolutions for this year. Curious to know what they are? No? Tired of hearing all that stuff people say they're going to do and never get accomplished? Oh, okay. I won't bother with more of that here.
Well, then I won't say that I've been to the gym pretty much 5 4 days a week since actually the last week of December, because I was that excited to get my fitness on. I won't say that I did my first ever pseudo-cleanse or that I got a new haircut. But all of those are part of my revolution. That's right, not resolution, 2012 calls for a revolution. Maybe I'll tell you about it later.
So here is my year thus far in a nutshell:

Not me or anyone I know.

Definitely a lot of snuggling going on...

Visiting here.

And we're growing salad in a box!

Road trip!!! 

Chris got a 103 on his Bio test, so I made him a pie out of these apples!

This barred owl lives behind our house in the creepy alley. Hoot!

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