Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How you livin'?

We have been thinking about buying a house. After living in Wilmington for a year, we finally met our landlord (she lives up nawth) and she let us know that she'd like to sell our (her) house soon. And then asked if we'd want to buy it. Would we?

It's an interesting concept, ownership. Of a home. Now. So many people were, and are, in ridiculously bad financial situations as the result of fulfilling the "dream" of home ownership. Conventional wisdom that spoke to the ever-rising value of a home was proven faulty, and the whole economy is still reeling from that a little.  Plus, we don't have a good record of staying in one place, and there is so much of the world left to see. But at the same time, we are nesting. We have been, and will probably continue to do so...growing things, meeting our neighbors, fostering a sense of community and belonging in this town. And renting has always felt a bit like throwing money into the abyss. At least when you own a home, you have a chance of seeing that hard earned cash again. Maybe. One day. So we thought about it, and decided that it might make sense to at least consider it.
Non-functioning fireplace - worthless, but charming!

We like our house - it has charm and character, it's on a nice street in a nice neighborhood, close to green space and a grocery store and just a long walk or a short bike ride to the downtown restaurants, bars, shops and several frozen yogurt shops (really). We know its quirks and the people around us. But the house is also old and hasn't been particularly well kept, like I'm pretty sure the roof is about eighty years old. Maybe eighty-two. Are we ready to take on the needed updates? Is charm synonymous with beaucoup dollars for renovations?

We've been flummoxed. So, naturally, I have started questioning everything. Do we love Wilmington enough to fully commit? Do we want to grow more things and live down a dirt road? Live in a city? In the mountains? Over the river and through the woods? Is there somewhere else? It's a rabbit hole.

I love Mexico : 

Yurts have a special place in my heart...circular living? Yes please!

Would I need this much space?

To be utterly profound, how you decide to live your life is pretty important (I know, right?). But is where? I feel like I've spent a long time waiting for a place to speak to me, to whisper "you're home." I've moved from farm to town to city to sea and back again, from east to west, and there's never been that place that feels just right. There have been amazing friends, awesome views, a profound sense of peace and all-night fun, but I have always been seeking out the geographical greener grass. Maybe it's because I've seen enough of the country to know that there are incredible places and people out there, just everywhere.

How did you choose where you live? 

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