Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My summer hat

Oh dear - I just peeked at my facebook page, and it appears as if I have been wearing the same hat all summer. It's in practically every picture, with its cute little red band and its lovely face-shading brim. It's quite the looker:

Here it is in the woods!

Here it is having lunch with my mom!

Here it is hanging out at the river.

I like the fact that it's shady without screaming "I'm at the beach look at my big hat!!!" It's pretty crushable and deals well with being rained on. I kinda love red accessories, being that they punch up a monochromatic look a little (I really love red shoes, and used to have really adorable red and white wedges, but they fell victim to the humidity aboard Liberte).

I'm at the beach look at my big hat!!!

I really really loved these shoes. 

My biggest reason for loving this hat is that it fits. I have an unusually big head, I guess, being that most hats are "One Size" and that size is tight around my noggin. It's my big brain, naturally, that makes this so. This hat also hides my awkwardly growing out hair, which hasn't been cut since January (for shame!) and longish, moppy bangs. So I'm gonna rock my summer hat, till the leaves fall off the trees. Because sometimes a look has to be consistent, right?

Fellow red accessories lover and hat wearer.

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